A passenger of bus is under an obligation:

- to have at itself a ticket on passage, luggage receipt, and a document of standard pattern to confirm a right for privileges in case he/she has  them;
- to occupy the place indicated in a ticket, save a ticket to the end of journey and produce in the unfolded kind on call of the authorized persons a document, confirmative a right on the use by privileges;
- to produce landing only after the complete stop of bus;
- to pay the transport of luggage and carry-on baggage according to operating tariffs;
- to have necessary visas and emigrant documents (for international transportations);
- to set the signal to the driver with the special ring (or orally) on leaving from a bus on a request stop in advance;
- in case of a road accident to help victims and report about an incident to the police;
- to report to the driver about finding out the forgotten things, documents, values.

The passenger of bus has a right:

- on safe and quality transportation;
- to pull out requirements to the carrier in relation to implementation of the transportation agreement conditions;
- to transport animals according to the rules set by the Law;
- assuredly to convey 2 units of luggage with payment according to tariffs;
- to convey 1 unit of carry-on luggage in the salon of transport vehicle free of charge in case of journey en-route intercity or international report;
- to convey with itself one child under age of 6 years free of charge without a right for employment a  separate place;
- to declare the luggage value;
- to get information about transportation services from a carrier, driver, Bus Terminal staff;
- on indemnification of the inflicted damage.


Please, note that before commencement of international automobile passenger transportation the driver is to check documents of passengers necessary for entering the country of destination, countries on the route, and to refuse in international transportation to passengers if they do not produce necessary documents (in compliance with clause 15 of article 145 of Rules of rendering services of automobile passenger transportation approved by Resolution No.176 of Cabinet Council of Ukraine). The bus terminal is not liable for improper execution of such documents by a passenger. You can get consultation and explanations on this issue at consulate, embassy or visa center of the country of destination or on the route.